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Ось Израиль - арабские страны Персидского залива - сирийские боевики. Часть 2.

Ось Израиль - арабские страны Персидского залива - сирийские боевики. Часть 2.

Израиль - сирийские боевики.

Обзор американской прессы.

Встреча 9 мая в Вашингтоне министра юстиции Израиля Ципи Ливни с сирийскими боевиками.


9 мая Ципи Ливни в Вашингтоне в Вашингтонском институте

The Washington Institute for Near East Policy
1828 L Street, NW, Suite 1050
Washington, DC 20036

на конференции

2013 Soref Symposium

встречалась с приглашенными на эту конференцию представителями сирийских боевиков Mouaz Moustafa, director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force и  Louay Sakka, cofounder and board member of the Syrian Support Group , а также с  Col. Abdul Hamid Zakaria, commander and spokesman for the Free Syrian Army; and Col. Abdul Jabbar Akidi, Free Syrian Army commander and head of the Revolutionary Military Council in Aleppo, participate in a breakout discussion on “Inside Syria: The Battle Against Assad’s Regime.” (The session is off the record)

Чуть позже к ним присоединился министр обороны США Чак Хейгел.

Из другого источника:

Media sources reports that the institution of “Washington for Near East Policy” has announced his hosting to the annual symposium seminar to discuss a number of the region’s files, including the files of Palestine, Syria and Egypt, where a number of invitees of the politicians and the military leaders will participate in it, the seminar will be hold the next Thursday and will endure for one day.

The sources stress that the participants in the seminar are leaders of Free Army militia Abed al-Hamid Zakaria and the chief of “the military revolutionary council” in Aleppo Abed al-Jabbar al-Akidi, as the Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni will participate also , which will be entitled by “the situations inside Syria: the war against the regime of Bashar Assad”.

As for Egyptian side, the Anwar Esmat Sadat accompanied by the Dennis Ross will participate in a seminar entitled 'Egypt's Revolution, the course of two years: the plight of the transitional phase.

Within the symposium cast and Minister of Defense Chek Haigal a word about 'U.S. defense policy in the Middle East.


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