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Kingdom of Jordan - reliable rear militants or their new victim? Mikhail Osherov

Kingdom of Jordan - reliable rear militants or their new victim?
Mikhail Osherov

Kingdom of Jordan - reliable rear militants or their new victim?  Mikhail Osherov

Due to changes in the general political and military situation in Syria, this change must inevitably affect neighboring Syria countries, involved in the conflict.

Kingdom of Jordan around 2012 sided Syrian thugs and murderers, who called themselves the "Syrian opposition". They only oppose the legitimate Syrian government not in parliament, where they have no representation because they do not receive any mandate from the Syrian people, and oppose them with arms, acting terrorist methods against the Syrian people and the Syrian authorities.

King of Jordan in recent years has given the territory of the country as a base for US troops to host their air defense systems. Jordan has arranged US training base for training new fighters, supply depots. Jordan's economy and finances that are in poor condition, has received loans from Saudi Arabia.
Now all these hostile actions of neighboring Syria turn against itself Jordan. In recent years, it has penetrated into the territory of 1.4 million Syrian refugees. Saudi Arabia, because it deliberately reduced the price of oil, running out of money corny.

"Saudi Arabia's budget deficit could reach 20% of GDP. The country is the first time in the last eight years has started to borrow money on the financial markets "


"This week, Saudi Arabia placed government bonds of 20 billion reais ($ 5.3 billion). This is the second loan for this summer - the size of June amounted to 15 billion reais ($ 4 billion). The Kingdom could raise $ 27 billion by the end of this year. The money the Saudis needed because of the double fall in oil prices, export earnings which are formed almost the entire income of the country. In 2015, the budget was built on the basis of the price of oil at $ 105 a barrel. Recall that the Saudi oil export revenues represent more than 90% of government revenue . "



"Another proof of how difficult to Saudi Arabia it is now necessary began to report large seizures of funds from foreign investment funds. For over a year, had passed from the beginning of the fall in oil prices, tens of billions of dollars were returned to their homeland."


Most likely in the near future, Jordan can not get new money from Saudi Arabia. In addition, may arise the question about the return of Jordan loans taken by it previously in Saudi Arabia.

And the most importantly - Jordan will soon have something to do with their former allies. On the Syrian territory close to the border with Jordan are based two militant groups - one - in the Syrian province of Quneitra, which supports Israel, periodically carrying out the Syrian army shelling of positions in the area, as well as militant groups operating in the south-east of Damascus. After the destruction of ISIS and "Dzhebhat-An-Nusra" the time will come, and the two groups, which are either destroyed or driven out into the territory Kingdom of Jordan. The number of Syrian thugs who call themselves "Syrian opposition" is a few tens of thousands. When they get up in arms into Jordan, the Jordanian authorities will have any further problems.

In the same Saudi Arabia, the most restless. Saudi Arabia, whose army has no experience of war, got involved in the aggression against the sovereign of Yemen. As a result of the war has come to the territory of Saudi Arabia itself. Among the many Saudi princes grown discontent current king. King of Jordan - a direct descendant of the Caliph, and, in fact, has more rights to the Saudi throne, than the current Saudi royal family. It is possible that King of Jordan Abdullah II could in this situation to take a chance to get well, and the Saudi throne and unite the two kingdoms.

Same Jordan's King Abdullah II in the new changed circumstances carries the most dangerous policy - he did not change. Speaking recently on the podium of the 70th UN General Assembly, he reiterated that it will continue its policy - to support "the Syrian opposition" and "fight against terrorism". Given the fact that the "Syrian opposition" - such as terrorists (only recently their whole freshly trained Americans connection to the weapons in their hands turned into ISIS), abstracts of the King of Jordan are highly controversial. Jordan is absolutely unprepared for future challenges - a lack of money, for one and a half million refugees, including armed, on its territory, to the continuation of the conflict with Syria, to the possible political confrontation with Saudi Arabia. Jordan runs the risk of being left alone, isolated in the face of future challenges, and the blame for this will lie in person at Jordan's King Abdullah II and his old short-sighted policy.

Mikhail Osherov

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